Saturday, October 27, 2012

Let there be Light! ☼

View of IV from FT North tower

Heavy, dull clouds drape the sky.
Color my life     with music
The parched land helplessly yearning.
Water the fields 
  with joy
Let there be light! 
Let there be life! 

This poem was originally for myself -it was my very first post- and I'll explain what it meant to me later in detail. But when I read it again it reminded me of UCSB. So yeah UCSB I'm dedicating it to you (us) :) At prefall leaders retreat last year, Alicia shared with us visions that she got about spiritual warfare intensifying in Santa Barbara. She saw massive dark clouds heading toward SB--but they weren't actually clouds but black winged creatures (demonic creatures. Some other people got visions about those). Many people got visions about revival happening at UCSB and the staff shared with us Kathryn Khulman's prophecy in the 70's that one day a great awakening would come out of Santa Barbara and would spread to the whole world. So yeah, the Kingdom of God is coming down to this town! and it's gonna advance in power!!! Freedom!!! :D But the devil is pro-slavery so he obviously doesn't like that which is why he upped his game and sent his evil reinforcements in a bid to oppose God's plan. And the increase of darkness has been evident at UCSB. And who hasn't noticed??? We now get a bunch of alerts via text and email notifying us of all stuff that goes down: robbery, assaults, attempted rape, people with weapons in IV even guns (I remember Marissa shared a vision that there was a shooter on campus) etc... and it has become like a weekly thing now. And that's on top of what already happens during the weekends: seeing and hearing fire trucks and ambulances has become so ordinary. Yup, IV got darker and you can tell without the gift of prophecy lol. People have been talking about it on facebook ("It's endtimes in IV"-Andrea's status) so yeah, it's official lol. Also, the increase of this darkness has been evident even within the body of Christ-> division; disunity :( The prophecies of conflict in InterVarsity came to pass and resulted in disunity. So yeah, so far it seems like the devil's schemes have been working: Oppression-> further oppressing the broken and the blind and weakening the body of Christ. It all comes down to a lack of true love. And I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of seeing this hot mess and I'm so ready for revival!! So yeah, it's time to fight against the devil's kingdom of darkness (spreads through fear) with God's Kingdom of Light (spreads through Love) post: The Kingdoms. So SB and world, let there be light♫ Let there be love! Let there be peace! Let there be joy! Let freedom reign! Let children singCrown Jesus King! ♫ :-)


Body of Christ at SB, let's not deceive ourselves that all we have to do is sit back, cross our arms and speak that stuff into existence. Yes, let us PRAY!!! (Everyone everywhere please pray for SB especially for this weekend since it's Halloween) and also be aware of what we are praying for. Revival starts with us. When we pray "let there be light! let there be love!" Guess what we are telling God... "God please convict my heart of anything that is not of you so that I can surrender it to You. I want less of me and more of You. Fill me up with more of your Holy Spirit (The Spirit of power, love and self-control) so that I can love You more and love others more." So yeah, it's time for change so let's be reconciled to God and to each other (Unity. acting like the body we are). Let's ask God to fill us up and send us out. I don't know the situation in other fellowships but InterVarsity's a special case since it's multi-ethnic and super-divided right now so yeah, it's time we apply this (If the application isn't clear talk to me :) And I'll share ideas of how the whole body of Christ at UCSB can be more united but first let's deal with the drama within the individual fellowships. We are children of the light. Let there be love! (To be Rooted in Love) Let there be music! (sing praise with one voice. with the spirit of unity. true worship) Let us: Prepare The Way! Watch this video I made for us. 

Let there be




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