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The Call Oct. 4th 2014 ~ Berkeley, California

"When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:13-14)

It's Time! It's happening! :D 

Brittany Choi told me about "The Call" Berkeley tomorrow!! SO EXCITING! Makes no sense that I didn't share this earlier. Read more about it below and on this site: TheCall. And I would like to share the invitation to all of us to return to our heavenly Father by humbling ourselves with prayer and repentance. HE'S GONNA POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT!!! YAY! :D THY KINGDOM COME!!! :D

A Jubilee Moment: 50 Days for 50 Years

TheCall has been invited to the campus of Berkeley on the 50th anniversary of these historic protests, October 4th, 2014. Frankly, I’m stunned. For years, Luke 1:17 has fueled my imagination, always with the sense that the very culmination of my efforts might actually be a gathering at Berkeley—not to “protest the protest”—but to petition the God of grace and mercy for a breaking of the curse which rebellion inevitably invites. From that place, in the watershed of our unity, I believe a new sound will be released; a new culture will be birthed; a new ‘Jesus Movement’ that could sweep in a massive harvest of souls.

Therefore, with this letter, I am announcing that TheCall has set its face to Berkeley. The 60s were a turning point in our nations history. My generation was the student body of that day. Now we are fathers, and we must rise up for children with fierce love. I believe this event is designed by God to be a multi-generational appeal for that reason. Please note, it may not look like TheCalls of the past. We are sensing that we are to hold an immersive 50-day prayer push, well beyond our normal 12-hour event. Why? In hopes that a great united prayer convergence can serve to catalyze the student evangelization of California and the nation. It's time for a Jubilee, "Let My people go".

Please consider, even now, the invitation to stand with us in prayer and giving? TheCall needs $200,000 over the next few months to bring closure to our various relocation and transition costs, and also provide sufficient operating capital to thrust us forth with power and provision into the God assignments of 2014 and beyond. Please give generously for such a time as this: “to turn the hearts of the rebellious to the wisdom of the righteous.”

Thank you for your faith.

Consumed by the call,

Lou Engle

"Urgent Message for TheCall Berkeley Registrants"

Berkeley is where many agree the flashpoint of the great counter-cultural revolution of the 60’s took place on October 4th 1964. God loves Berkeley. It’s motto is, “Let there be light”. Now fifty years later, TheCall Berkeley is gathering to pray for something stronger than the rebellion and for Berkeley and the Bay to fulfill it’s original calling.

I am here at Berkeley, where 70 young people and adults have gathered for 40 days of fasting and prayer. Some of these students have given up a semester of college. They each have to pay $800 for their housing. Many are on soup and juice fasts, and some on water. They came here believing that their prayers could loose a new Jesus Movement and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. I personally have left my family for these 40 days in what I believe could be possibly the most significant prayer assignment of my life. It's an agony and a glory. Many others are joining this 40-day fast across this nation.

America is in a time of great trouble but God's answer in the time of trouble is "Gather to me My consecrated ones, who made a covenant by sacrifice...” (Psalm 50:5). The Lord gave us dreams and understanding that this Call would be a Gideon's army. Gideon had to separate the consecrated and the watchful from the fearful and the half hearted. UC Berkeley venue is limited to about 2,000 for our gathering. While wrestling with this challenge, this morning I sensed the Lord move on me. “Separate those who have registered and will be registering by calling them to a covenantal sacrifice, to move heaven on behalf of the Bay, California, and this nation.”

When a plague had broken out in Israel, the angel of death was restrained with David saying," I will not offer to the Lord that which costs me nothing," Supernatural fire fell on David's sacrifice and the plague was restrained. Brothers and sisters, the accumulated multiplication of sin and destruction of human lives over the past 50 years will not be restrained by a crowd of spectators. I am not looking for a great crowd, who come to enjoy the music and the powerful experience. God is looking for those who are burning to see revival and will pay whatever price it takes. I believe God is summoning those who have a heart like David and will covenant by sacrifice and say, “I will not offer up to the Lord that which cost me nothing.” Therefore, with limited capacity and with this prophetic call that is on my heart, we are asking you for 2 things:

1. Registrants must give themselves to this 40-day season of fasting in some significant way.

2. Those who register and come should give an offering, not just to pay the expenses of TheCall, but also to move the heart of Heaven.

Some people may misunderstand me, but this morning I felt strongly the Lord command me like Gideon to separate the company. TheCall is still free of charge but we are asking that all registrants consider giving an offering prior to September 21st as a focus point of their commitment. I’d like to suggest $50 – a dollar for every year of these 50 years of a great turning away from God. Let the Lord lead you. Please know my heart is not to offend anyone, but before the Lord I am seeking a Gideon’s army, and sacrifice is at the heart of it!

TheCall is on the Day of Atonement, when we remember the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the agony of the cross. How can we plead the efficacy of that precious blood for our sins and the sins of our nation if we cannot offer ourselves in this season of intense fasting prayer and be willing to pay an intercessory price.

I was deeply moved recently when a man heard the vision of TheCall Berkeley and came to me with tears saying, “My daughter went to Berkeley, and I'm coming to pray for her” He then gave $5,000. This man understood this Call. How do you put a money value on the soul of one you love so much?

Again, I am deeply moved as I look at these young people fasting and giving up a semester of school for one chance to pray and pour themselves out for a fifty year jubilee, a turning of Berkeley’s ideological revolution, a great outpouring of mercy for San Francisco, California, and the nation, a new Jesus Movement, and evangelists and missionaries being thrust into the harvest.

We know that you are among the first to register and you already have that same kind of sacrifice written on your heart. Many of you are buying plane tickets to come. We are touched by your passion. Nevertheless, I ask you to be honest with your own heart if you are truly coming to be completely consecrated to God and to pay a price on that day, If not, we ask that you consider withdrawing your registration and make room for others that are willing. We had envisioned TheCall Berkeley with a capacity of 10,000. Unfortunately, UC Berkeley venue limits us to 2,000 people, however I believe it’s the Lord! It’s because of the significance of the moment. Thank you for understanding our hearts in this.

Consumed by the call,

Lou Engle


We love Berkeley. "

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