Saturday, November 29, 2014

Label us 'Revolutionaries' =)

I'm always taken aback when I'm referred to as an "activist" or also, "religious," -yes I'm puzzled and a bit irritated coz I'm not particularly fond of such labels (amongst others, but especially "religious" - that's one of my least favorite terms of all time, makes me a lil sick to be honest) since, in my experience, they [the labels] are used to separate the person/detach from the person... </3 *such an easy way out* rather than to connect or to understand. But if you must, then call me a "revolutionary" coz how can you say such a word without the intention of connecting or a commitment to understanding??... i wonder... Sometimes people are quick to usher out labels without thinking about what that label [which is assigned as a point of separation/detachment], is saying about themselves in contrast... (people may be calling themselves out without knowing... which is beautiful except for the "without knowing" part).... Anyway, I like "revolutionary" coz it forces us to acknowledge ourselves not 'apart from' but rather 'in relationship with' each other. Also, calling ourselves and others that ["revolutionary"] may expose the real problem on both sides: DORMANCY~> an uncalled for slumber, detachment from reality/identity/responsibility - and may result in an awakening,... a grand union causing an explosion... the same radical revolution being called forth by the appropriate labeling. So go ahead, call me a "revolutionary" and together let's suffer the consequence.‪#‎DearMyGeneration‬ ‪#‎WeHaveToDeal‬ ‪#‎TheRevolutionIsLOVE‬‪#‎MorningThoughts‬ ‪#‎SheSpeaks‬ 

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